«THE TRAUCO, THE PATAGONIAN LEGEND» (the last film of Ed Wood)


This film was encontred in the ainodoro of the director. In this cint, the conchud Ed Wood investigueitor the legend of the uan mitou que recorring ol the mund.
The Legend cuenting in the oest of te putin provins of Chubut exist uan bicheitor or ànimal wat vivending into the cuevings, atranding the pineitors and debaj of te guater into the raiver and the leiks.
This bicharraqueitor jav the costumbreitor of the sorprending pelotuds turist distraiting, preferent agachacheitor buscanding boludeitors at the suel, and aprovechanding to empomeitor hast the gargant.
Ior principal caracteristic radicanding in ior inusual pinchileitor (38 cm of larg x 9 of anch).
This film of mierding, a travesanding of the investigueitor of Maria Lloyd and Larissa Hassan, intent reveleanding the puting misteriou guat aquejanding the patagonian tu the larg of the ìstori.

Trabajanding in thsi mierding film:

Calaverita Mateos = The Trauco
Don Berbil = The Saientist Trauco
Adolfo Alarcon = The Capocheitor Trauco
Marionet LLoyd = The biologist investigueitor of Beirut.
Maria Gough De Bernardi = The Lorena Bobbit.

Calaverita Mateos (Esquel)

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