📖Arcioneitor Marian, Gob. Chubú📖

( Inglé Diccionary of Real Esqueletor Academic)

Arcioneitor Marian: Tratanding of very extrange specie, bicos ádemas of caganding on the sueld of the éstatal empleitors, pareciending have a poteitos in the órejs, bicos all the pipol from Chubú have yours eggs and óvar for the flat from tu mach years ago, diciending:.»we not queriending megaminereitor, ey you Arcioneitor lisen tu mi Gob of Chubú, Not is Not, ¿Escuchanding, boló? Jow more we podeitor metiending into this hard headcita, the conch of the lor».This specie pareciending haceitor pit cátalan to the popular voluntanding, but the pipol are stronger what the instint of the specie Arcioneitor Marian in you jangri for arrasanding with our pure water.

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