“The Pátagonic Mediteishon”

(Espirituals técnics of the gúru guách púlent)

in this píkchur, tomanding into the Párk National los Álers, cercanding of Ésquel (árgentin cantry), se aprecianding a líder of the relígion “The Córder of the God at the Ásador” in plening mediteishon for conectanding with the próvidens.
This relígion have uan máner of cónverteishon in the best Gúru and your précepts are:

1) One costillar of the Córder of the God.
2) Six, seven o eight tróncs of leñeitor.
3) The fierreitor to cócinianding al fuegueitor.
4) Sal.
5) And the more important, too much bótellanding of the blood from God, more conoceitor como artesanal beer.

Lúeg de teniending every ol raig teniending what chupanding one weveitor, only destapanding the blood from God mientring the córder cocinanding and relajeitor and aprecianding the biutiful páisaj alrédedor.
And all líst to converteitor in a guách púlent gurú and córder from God whit “The Pátagonic Mediteishon”.

– The End –

Calaverita Mateos (Esquel)

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