“The Fiác is a vérdader iman raig”

I standing penseitor uan zing for this deis. Piénsing wit mi this razonamientor, plis.
The week jav seven deis, and the end of de week have tu deis. So, the five deis are láboranding, as óbrer, as dóctor, as yournalis, as ám of the house ,and tu mach trabajeitors. Ádemas of the banqueitor the face of ójetanding of the fuckin boss
The vez en cuanding, tu deis of the end of the week no alcanseitor for descansanding very well, and a uan le quéding tu mach ganeitors of the seguir ráscanding the eggs a two hands.

Lísten, readers mother fuckers and penseitor lo wat zing:

So, i proponeitor uan prójetc tu presentanding in the Hónorabl Cóngress of the Nátion. This Próject estbablecending “The Fiác” uan vérdader iuman raigt, and the solushion is very very fácilong. Proponending the “Tuesdei” a dei not laboranding, too.

The this máner all the labureitors not only the end of the week rascanding the eggs a two hands, sino too, in de midel of the week cortanding the work haciending pitou cátalan to the fuckin boss, míentrs tanting all rascandin the eggs and the órt, bicos “The Fiác is a vérdader iuman raigt”

Calaverita Mateos (Esquel)

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