“Rascanding the Eggs”

(New age book from criolleitor budist)

* Pátagonic Cúrs of yoga from shellfromyourmothers, Shúlian Luceitor & Skully Mátius

Gud morning, máng of shellfromyumothers, güilcom to the best pátagonic cúrs of yoga “Rascanding the eggs” from the Tibet Máster, Shúlian Luceitor (Cónocid as Julian Lucero​ , very famous bicos orinananding the léopard tápiz the car of fucking Donald Trump) and the Háre Krisna, Skully Mátius (Cónocid from Calaverita Mateos, famous bicos le dio comending cáquit from óvej in lúgar of máni with chócolat to the puting viéj Queen Elizabeth).
The pícchur what you see down this text is the fornt of book “Rascanding the Eggs”. Observanding the pósition of Shúlian can you see what thé pélad le importing the world one bóst and your glass of artesanal beer réflej this Tíbet Master no like too much thé work for yours eyes médio cerranding evidencianding the fiac for moving one finger.
And the guách púlent Skully Mátius is not ápareceitor in this pícchur bicos the móderfaquer in the pást night chupanding two bottless of red wine, one bottle of whisky and one cáj of Héiskel ártesanal beer and Cerveceria Artesanal Esquel agarranding a big gas and he is orinanding at the beach, détras of the bosqueitor near Shúlian.
The book “Rascanding the Eggs” contiening two pages, only. The first page is in White and the other page only can read:

“¿You Are déprimid? ¿Have you estreseitor? What pédaz of pélotud, levantanding the ort of the chair and go to the Restaurante Carhue – Cocina por Cocineros​ morfanding the delicious fron great Cóciner, Facundo García​ & Febo Contreras​, and later sentanding at the síllon out door and Rascanding the Eggs a two hands and what all going to the cónch of the Green bird”

Atte: Shúlian and Skully.

Calaverita Mateos (Esquel)

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