“Open letter to the President of Estados Unidos, Donald Trump”

Ésquel, 16 of éner from 2017
Estimatheishon, Donald Trump:

Before the arranqueitor me want tutear to you, bicos andeitor tratanding the usted me pareciending one big boludeitor.
In this oprtunity not entranding in the discushon of si the last election guos fraudeleitor or not bicos de the manipuleitor of the vote electronic, but i want dejanding for éscrit any words réspect the one párt fron the opinión the pátagonic wach pulent, more présicament, Esquel. In this small town, but whit the eggs good pesting, lives tranquilanding whit the mountains, the rivers, the méset, the lakes and pácifi cónvivence whit the guánacs, pumas, picheitors and one what other olarinding chinchimoyeitor.
We are the pepople proveniending fron dívers places of the guorld, but you Donald, du you jav entendeitor here habitant too much antes what the breack eggs White man lleganding to that fields, the óriganls púebls, Mápuch, Téhuelch and they jav a releishon whit the land guos ever whith too much réspect. We apeneitors comienzanding to entender wich is that question and i can aseguranding this mod of live on nátulaleitor is the post, bicos we cuidanding the wáter for us and the future péndex and the son of the péndex.
We respetanding with the Yanquinandia eligeishon a neliberal sístem and the las voteishon Argentain and the any lúgars of Latin ámeric, too, more allá what we discuteishon the maérs what manipulanding the médiianding comuniqueitor for conseguir desvianding the átenshon of the vótants.
But we not banqueitor you come to Pátagonic to contaminanding, to saqueanding, to cágar a páls to brothers what défiending the lands what you afananding too much years laters, and no quierending the guach púlent ésqueleitors wars ni peleanding enter nosotranding ni whit ustedeitors. Simplemeting, quierending living in pis and árminic cónvivence whit de naturalding entorneitor what nos rodeanding.

Pd: Ey, Donald, one cónsej, you déberianding change the tíntur for the péluc, bicos the color is very very truch.

Cariñosamenteitor, one single páisan of the páradise Esquel, Calaverita Mateos.

Calaverita Mateos (Esquel)

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