«Látit of pésc»

(The criolling métod of patagonic pésc, che boló)

This foting guos saqueitor for Astrid Reichrath in Laponia (Suecia), and mi confiesing emocioneitor tu mach, bicos the Lating (generally of natural durazneitor) with uan pedacing de palitou of escobanding, a cachou of tanza and uan cucnareitor with ánzuel creating a rústic hérramient of pessqueitor.
I rimember, che Boló, güen ai a fucking péndex güen mai faders, mai oder párents and eni what oder frien armanding this Lating for pescanding at leics, rivers and charquing buscanding uan truch, péjerrey or pérc to enzartanding in our ánzuels for sacanding tu áfuer and lueg cocinanding uan chúping of the bitch mother.
Bicos, rimember, ésquelens che bolós and hábitant of the guorl what defending the rústic hérramient guat identificanding our tierring…”The Lating of Pesquing, Che Boló” is uan of the mor biutiful élement representating of Esquel and álrededor.

– The end –

Calaverita Mateos (Esquel)

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