🦕 The mistery of the Cuer 🦕

Éxist one léyend in the Patagonia, the monster of the leik cónocid as «The Cuer», but the guach púlent buz 🤿 and submarin photografer 📸 from Esquel @marcosponce027  captureishon one photography in the green leik, Alers Nashional Park.
this picchur mostranding The Cuer in reality trateishon of the ciudadan ésquelens Cálaverit Matheons have the put costumbreishon «Echanding the Clor» sumergeishon to the cogoteishon and the buz 🤿 analised this fucking caracterinsting are the everiuan patagonic pipol after chupanding too much meit yerb or ártesanal beer.
Other the caracteristing is que the pipol for disimuleishon «Echanding the Clor» generality poneishon this face of reverend pélotud 🙄.


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